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Automated control system for the Pumping Station No.18

Customer: Kirishi Oil Refinery
General Designer: Lengiproneftechim (Saint-Petersburg)
Control system designer: SPIK SZMA

Automation objects:

  • industrial storm & sewage pumping stations, receiving & separating tanks and oil separation;
  • circulation pumps in separation tanks;
  • inter-shop pipelines.

Control system specification: DCS based on the Toshiba PLC, V2000 Series and OIS-DS with software. The control system includes sensors and indicators from EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT, VALCOM, VEGA, and control valves from DVCD Masoneilan Russia.


  1. Process control:

    • control valves;
    • pumps & fans;
  2. Process Monitoring:

    • temperature in separation tanks;
    • pressure at the discharge of the pumps;
    • ventilation systems plant air pressure in pressure;
    • volumetric calculations for: - input steam;
      - oilslime;
      - removed oil;
      - drains to reception and separation tanks;
    • level of drains and oilslime in reception and separation tanks;
    • level of drains in drainage pits;
    • drive motor currents for the high voltage pumps;
  3. Audible and visual alarming:

    • process parameters;
    • gas contamination in the pumping station and manifold plant;
    • drop in water temperature decline the output of the ventilation system heaters;
    • pump motorТs stator temperature.
  4. Automated Emergency Shutdown System and Process Equipment Control:

    • pump control to prevent emptying the receiving tanks and to prevent overfilling the separation tanks;
    • level control in the receiving tanks;
    • utilities steam pressure control;
    • On/Off drain pump control for drain pit level;
    • On/Off emergency fan control;
    • gas contamination audible and visual alarming;
    • operator manual pump control;
    • operator manual valve control and emergency fans.
     Control & Information System Architecture

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