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Oil Custody Transfer Metering Station

Oil Custody Transfer Metering Stations have some peculiarities. The systems must not only meet the primary objective of improving the accuracy of commercial metering and custody transfer transactions, but also the technical solution must comply with the RF regulatory bodies standards and regulations and system operators guidelines, requirements and specifications.

System requirements determine system architecture, required hardware, software and instrumentation. These requirements may differ even for similar companies and strongly depend on the product to be metered (LPG, volatile flammable liquid), product flow method (pipelines, railway, tracks) and product shipment method (pipelines, motor freight, tank-wagons), etc..

The reference-list attached contains major automation objects and service phases provided by SPIK SZMA.

Accumulated experience shows that the most important phases are the following:

Object survey and functional specification development. During these phases system technical requirements are defined in compliance with the production technology information, a section on Metrology is also developed to meet all Legal Metrology requirements.

Project design. The most important technical task is the selection of measuring instrumentation which should be performed based on consistent price/quality (accuracy) criteria.

Project metrological testing. This phase includes development of full documentation for metrological testing and Gosstandart certification:

  • Flow diagram;
  • Error calculation for each flow based on instrumentation specifications;
  • Error calculation for subsystems at each phase based on data processing metrological system error;
  • Hardware and software specification.

Our experience has proven that during the expert evaluation technical maintenance should be provided by the designer (SPIK SZMA).

A metering stations storage subsystem primarily consists of a precision system for oil product pure mass metering which is based on measuring product & water level, temperature and density. The primary manufacturers of these instruments are international companies like Enraf and SAAB. These instruments are used together with specific object-oriented software.

For product shipping and receiving mass flowmeters or flowmeters with temperature and density compensation work in concert with PLC and operator work stations to provide custody transfer and SCADA functionality.


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