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Technical Systems:

SPIK SZMA provides professional consulting on state-of-the-art technologies, their application, implementation and optimization for manufacturing facilities. To meet customer business requirements SPIK SZMA analyzes the project financials and technical solution against the business case based on the following:

  • Analysis of existing information systems, hardware and software, enterprise structure & financial situation;
  • Expertise of information, technical and human resources;
  • Forecasting of the efficiency and risk of the systems to be implemented.

Customers rely on SPIK SZMA specialists for technical system project procurement and quality & project management. Based on our long history and diverse knowledge & experience in automation solutions, SPIK SZMA fills an information vacuum for manufacturing customers.

We provide a vast range of products and services including project design, engineering, installation supervision, training, start-up & commissioning and maintenance. Project applications include multi-supplier systems integration, enterprise wide information systems, improved production safety and quality, costs reduction via efficient control strategies, process control optimization, etc.

Technical system consulting

Quality Management Systems:

The development and implementation of a quality management system for multifunction engineering and design companies requires integrating business processes for a matrix organization. These companies typically provide an array of services including: process automation engineering, project design, software development, fabrication, installation, training, start-up & commissioning, and maintenance services.

SPIK SZMAТs quality management specialists not only provide solutions to difficult business process problems but also share their knowledge and experience via articles and books.

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