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Chemical industry

For 30 years SPIK SZMA has performed most of its major works on chemical production plants & units.

At the beginning SPIK SZMA was a specialized control system commissioning and start-up company. We provided S&C services for most of the newly constructed and retrofitted large capacity plants and units for mineral fertilizer, artificial & synthetic fiber and plastic within North-Western Russia, Belarus Republic and Baltic States.

Among them there are 10 large capacity synthetic ammonia production plants, 14 non-concentrated nitric acid units, dozens of sulphuric and phosphoric acid production units, mineral fertilizer production plants (from ammonia water & nitrate up to complex fertilizers), fiber & high-molecular substance production factories, etc.

SPIK SZMAТs R&D and experimental development resulted in the development of procedures and devices for optimum control of organic and inorganic synthesis, implementation of computing devices and systems. These became the basis for the packaged plants in the chemical industry.

Despite the decline in capital investment by the chemical industry, SPIK SZMA continues to maintain customer relations and partnerships through our consulting services.

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