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Energy Custody Transfer Metering Stations and energy-saving technologies automation

SPIK SZMA in cooperation with NORTH-WEST CONTROL SEVZAPMONTAGEAUTOMATIKA (NWC SZMA) performs delivery, installation and S&C services of automated computer systems for energy consumption & generation measurement at the division, shop or enterprise level.

The system is based on hardware and software manufactured by Penza production company START, NWC SZMA being its official representative, or is based on hardware and software manufactured by VZLET and LOGIKA (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

All system equipment as well as sensing devices (pressure, temperature sensors, pressure differential sensors, electric energy meters) are commercial products which have passed metrological testing and are RF Gosstandard licensed. This equipment may be used for almost all industrial and power plant commercial & technical metering systems.

Application software is dedicated for operating staff and power consumption analysis to support optimization decisions.

Enterprises running such metering systems have a tool for simultaneous technical and commercial metering of the following energy streams:

electric energy accounting during the day (day and night tariffs) and power control during peak hours;
steam power and heating;
steam condensate;
hot water power and heating;
technical gases (compressed air, oxygen, etc.);
natural gas;
industrial and drinking water;
various other product streams.

The system also provides control of other parameters not related to energy accounting, i.e. various ecological parameters, process equipment operation parameters (boilers, turbines, compressors, etc).

Delivery of the energy accounting system includes the full range of services for realizing the business benefits of the system:

site survey;
functional specification;
detailed project design including its confirmation by Energonadzor authorities;
process equipment supply in compliance with the project documentation;
system installation;
system setup;
staff training;
start-up and commissioning;
participation in the system metrological testing and expertise, final delivery to the customer (Client and End Client) and Energonadzor authorities;
warranty and maintenance.


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