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Kirishi Oil Refinery Plant LG24/7 Flow #1 Retrofit Implementation of the process control system & field instrumentation for the entire plant

Customer: Kirishi Oil Refinery
General Designer: Lengiproneftechim (Saint-Petersburg)
Control system designer: SPIK SZMA

Project description: extraction of sulphides, nitrides, oxides from virgin diesel and kerosene fractions by means of catalytic hydrating of the compounds.

Control & Information System:
I/O signals: 3000+
Honeywell Total Plant Solutions (TPS):

  • HPM high-productive controllers (process managers);
  • control panels with GUS.


  • centralized process parameters control;
  • control of gas content in rooms and working areas within the plant;
  • alarm management;
  • Manual data input
  • process and sequential interlocks
  • ESD system;
  • operation registration and tracking of the functionality of interlocking and ESD system;
  • generation and visualization of online and accounting process information.

Project reliability assessment was implemented using the SC ASLS SZMA.

    Control & Information System Architecture

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