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Main directions of SPIK SZMA's quality policy

SPIK SZMAТS quality policy is aimed at:

1. Customer needs and requirements (Customer-focused):

  • product & service conformance to the Customer requirements and expectations;
  • product & service conformance to standards and regulations;
  • improvement of Customer interaction and communication.
  • 2. Realization of Quality Management System (QMS) Process and System Approaches:

  • Definition and development of QMS processes in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 requirements;
  • QMS process control as a dynamic balanced system;
  • continuous improvement of product & process evaluation methods and tools.
  • 3. Establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relations with Suppliers and Contractors:

  • establishment of the Suppliers long-term cooperation;
  • establishment of Contractors cooperation competitively advantageous for SPIK SZMA.

  • SPIK SZMA policy success is ensured by:

    1. Management leadership and active involvement in effective QMS development:

  • strategic planning applied to SPIK SZMA activities, development of new production & process control methods, new products development;
  • communication of the value of process and product quality to resources; creation of an effective informative environment;
  • definition of product life cycle; key and support business-processes, required resource provision;
  • development of SPIK SZMAТs activities evaluation and analysis methods for making effective decisions.
  • 2. Staff involvement in Company activities:

  • staff training and motivation for producing high-quality products and services;
  • corporate culture development and maintenance.
  • 3. Management decisions based on reliable data:

  • development and realization of the Balanced Score Card (BSC) for managerial decisions, including the following indices:
    • commercial and financial activity;
    • customer satisfaction;
    • business-Process specifications;
    • professional skills improvement.
  • benchmarking of major competitors;
  • application and optimization of product & manufacturing process data collection and processing methods & technologies.
  • 4. Research achievements application:

  • provision of designed products high reliability, stability, and safety;
  • application of research and patent achievements in the field of process control;
  • implementation of highly reliable components produced by Russian and highly reputable foreign companies;
  • automated design systems development.
  • 5. Company image maintenance as to product quality:

  • participation in exhibitions, scientific conferences, seminars, etc.;
  • publication of books, articles, industrial techniques by SPIK SZMAТs specialists.
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