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Quality management process and system approaches

The Quality Management System (QMS) is defined by SPIK SZMAs management as a set of interrelated processes for realizing the companys quality policy and objectives.

The structure of the QMS processes was developed taking into account the variety of QMS activities which include project design, fabrication, delivery, installation, start-up & commissioning and hardware and software engineering services for process control & information systems.

QMS business-processes create value and result in Company activities realization. To ensure these business-processes, support processes are defined such as resources management, top management responsibility, QMS analysis and improvement. These support business processes create value indirectly.

Product quality is not a result of final quality control, but is rooted in each business-process operation.

To increase the project design product quality cutting edge IT are used. Reliability, stability, and safety of designed systems are ensured by using quantitative evaluation software developed by SPIK SZMAs professor Alexander S. Mozhaev (Doctor of Science). This software tool is recommended by The State Committee of the Russian Federation on construction and a housing-and-municipal complex State Committee for house-building and housing complex (GOSSTROJ) to be used in automated systems development. Technical solutions are implemented based on highly reliable components produced by Russian and highly reputable international companies.

Software products include functional packages for integrated enterprise control system development.

Research products include realization of cutting edge IT for process, plant, and enterprise control.

Engineering services include Turn-Key projects, fabrication, delivery, installation, start-up & commissioning services performed by highly-qualified certified specialists with applicable long-term experience.

SPIK SZMA offers various solutions from local measurement and control loops up to Turn-Key projects (process, plant, and enterprise control systems).

SPIK SZMA has business-processes interdependencies, metrics for process efficiency and product quality evaluation specified which helps to monitor, measure and analyze all business-processes. Top management performs data analysis, which then forms a basis for effective and timely managerial decision making. Analysis results are used as input data for QMS processes improvement planning.

Process approach to SPIK SZMA activities opens new horizons for project management realization.

The long-term success of the Company is guaranteed by the following factors:

  • competent enterprise management;
  • business processes efficiency;
  • intellectual capital (staff knowledge and expertise);
  • ability to attract and hold Clients;
  • corporate culture encouraging innovations and organizational improvements;
  • investments in IT.

There by the QMS represents a complex of interrelated dynamic processes.

System approach to management helps to correlate SPIK SZMAs policy and objectives with the set of interrelated indices, developed for various management levels.

Enterprise management decisions are made using Balanced Score Card (BSC) (Kaplan & Norton), including the following measures:

  • financial measures being important for shareholders and investors;
  • Customer satisfaction level;
  • internal business-process indices;
  • staff satisfaction and qualification improvement indices.

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