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SPIK SZMA Project Management Process

Successful projects create value for our clients.

The SPIK SZMA Project Management Process ensures the reliable delivery of high quality customer focused projects. It is a flexible and scalable whole system approach to effective and consistent project organization. SPIK SZMA projects are managed by full time, trained project managers following a methodology that is an integral part of the companyТs ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

The SPIK SZMA Project Management Process is a practical and rational approach that is based on proven Project Management Knowledge with minimal must-haves, best practices, and accountability. Projects are implemented in an agile environment predicated upon an organizational culture of trust, communication, cooperation and teamwork. This enables each project to be performed in accordance to its unique set of performance requirements.

The process is supported by our WEB enabled software tool which is based on MicrosoftЃ Project Professional, Project Server and Share Point technologies. This not only enables our Project Managers and resources to develop projects in a collaborative environment regardless of geographic location but also provides the platform to make project information available to clients and sub-contractors.

Business managers and division heads can develop strategic initiatives related to customer service, organizational structure and new market segment penetration. They can ensure that individual projects remain aligned with company objectives and resource & risk management policies.

Project and resource managers ensure project implementation; assemble project teams from a corporate wide resource pool based on capability and current allocation levels; generate reports (including resource allocation charts, mean working hours of each task depending on the staff qualification and project scope of work).

Resources receive task assignments and information via Web Access and then submit task status information (actual time, % complete and free form status reports) via the same Web Access (time sheets, % Complete, free format reports, issue reports).

Project stakeholders can see the current status of the project and near future progress projections.

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