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Consulting services for the development of Quality Management System (QMS)

Our qualified and certified QMS specialists can help you to develop and implement a QMS in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

JSC SPIK SZMA provides the following spectrum of QMS consulting services:

1.Development and implementation of a QMS for the compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 international standard

  • defining key Business and Support Processes;
  • specification, regulation and internal audit of QMS Processes;
  • metrics development for QMS Processes, products and client satisfaction;
  • development of the QMS documentation:
    • Quality policy and quality objectives;
    • Quality manual;
    • Documented procedures as required by ISO 9001:2000;
    • Company standard, defining key Business Processes;
    • Departmental statements;
    • Job descriptions;
    • Working instructions;
    • Quality records and forms

2.Staff training
3.Internal audit of the QMS
4.Assistance with the QMS implementation
5.Assistance with the certification body choice

To find out more information and discuss cooperation terms, please send mail to Victoria_Filoncheva@szma.com (to Victoria V. Filoncheva).

To help the wide Russian business audience with the practical application of the ISO 9000 requirements, SPIK SZMA has published the following book: Vladimir A. Nikitin. Quality control based on the ISO 9000:2000. - Saint-Petersburg, 2002. Ц 272 pp.

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