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Oil-Refining and Petrochemical Industries

SPIK SZMA has a vast experience in oil-refining and petrochemical enterprise, plant and unit automation.

Since day one of the Kirishi and Mozyr Oil Refineries, SPIK SZMA has been the sole source of new and retrofit control systems for various capacity plants such as LK-6U, AT-6, AVT-6, KT1-1, reforming plants, hydrofining plants, gas fractionating plants, as well common support service units. Other refinery customers include Uhta, Novopolotsk, Perm, Mazheikiu.

Prior to 1990 SPIK SZMA primarily provided services for new facilities. After that time the majority of our business has been in retrofit projects which require a considerable expansion of scope, services, technical capability, project & risk management and organizational structure.

Primary Retrofit initiators:

replacement of systems and/or devices that have reached the end of their projected life span or are worn-out;
main process equipment retrofit;
extension of control & information systems functionality;
implementation of new enterprise control information technologies;
conformance of control system architecture and functionality to evolving regulations.

Retrofit control systems are applied in both shops and plants and apply to control devices, instrumentation, emergency shutdown systems, interlocking systems, alarm systems, managing staff working stations. Control system design is based on up-to-date devices (integrated DCS, PLC) and object-oriented software made by leading international software and hardware manufacturers.

Based on customer requirements the scope of work includes: from project design, start-up & commissioning through Уturn-keyФ delivery, including metrological project testing, control system reliability analysis, system certification by GOSSTANDART authority, installation supervision, warranty and maintenance.

We provide services under a wide range of terms: under direct contract with the end-user we can deliver turn-key solutions, as a subcontractor to project design & construction companies and equipment suppliers we typically deliver a less comprehensive scope of work.

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