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Building Automation

Recently project design of housing-and-municipal complex engineering has been focused on the application of equipment providing self-sufficiency of life-cycle support for large (storehouses, production facilities, business-centers, shopping centers) and small sites (offices, cottages, private apartments). During this same time requirements for comfort, safety and power reliability have become more and more strict.

Since 1994, SPIK SZMA has successfully provided a large range of projects. Based on this experience we have found the following to be most successful:

multifunctional package systems such as FS90, Plus for ensuring production plant safety for divisions, storehouses and administrative buildings. In addition these systems provide fire protection, authorized access and intruder alarm;

to secure offices, apartments, cottages and private homes systems such as Napko 1500E, are used;

to control power and heat distribution, boilers, artificial climate and power supply, systems based on variable capacity PLCs or packaged systems such as Excel 300 are used.

Instrumentation such as sensors, indicators and thermostats and information presentation devices such as indicator panels, operator interfaces and displays from a wide variety of manufacturers can be used as long as they are compatible with the primary system.

SPIK SZMA delivers turn-key control systems including; fabrication, configuring, installation, start-up and commissioning, service and maintenance.


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