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Kirishi Oil Refinery Parex-1 Plant

End client: Kirishi Oil Refinery
Customer: Design Institute LENGIPRONEFTECHIM (process design), Saint-Petersburg

Process description: The project provided full process monitoring and control of the Parex-1 plant which produces liquid n-paraffin from virgin hydrofined diesel fraction 182-315 C using the Parex method. The plant capacity is up to 120 cubic meters per hour.

Control & Information System: Honeywell DCS TotalPlant Solution (TPS), CCC (USA) Series-4 compressor control systems

  • I/O signals Ц 2200

Scope of work: :

  • Control & Information System design
  • P&ID, Instrumentation Specification & Loop drawings
  • 380V 3O One Line Diagrams
  • Control system I/O
  • Logic Diagrams
  • Start-up & commissioning

      Control & Information System Architecture

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