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Penoplex International Polystyrene Production Plant

End client: Penoplex International (Kirishi, Leningrad region)
General designer & project designer: Toyo Engineering Corporation (Japan)
Control system supplier: Siemens AG (Germany)
Partner: SPIK SZMA

Scope of work:

  • Control & Information System design
  • Panel design
  • PLC & HMI programming
  • FAT at Siemens facility
  • Start-up & commissioning
  • Operator & maintenance training
  • After-sales support services

Process objects:

     - 6 main sections:

  • source material storage and preparation section;
  • polymerization section;
  • degassing section;
  • granulation section;
  • granule packing and storage section;
  • non-reacted monomer extraction section;

    - 7 supporting systems:

  • freon refrigerating system for brine cooling;
  • high- and low-temperature heat-carrier warming and circulation system;
  • reverse watering system;
  • steam supply system;
  • supply of process air, instrumentation air and nitrogen;
  • hot water-supply;
  • power supply.

SPIK SZMA_Polystyrene production plant

Polystyrene production plant

Control & Information System: SIEMENS AG DCS - SIMATIC PCS7

  • AS 417-H;
  • AS 417-H(F);
  • distributed I/O SIMATICЦDP consisting of 18 ET200M with I/O modules and interface modules IM153 for connection to two PROFIBUS-DP redundant networks;
  • AS 417-H(F) F-modules connected to the system via ET200M;
  • AS 417-H AddFEM modules directly connected to the system;
  • Redundant ESM Ring Bus - 2 ESM ITP80 electrical communication modules for Industrial Ethernet;
  • 2 operator stations;
  • 1 engineering station;
  • PCS7 v.5.2. (64K variables).

The control system includes:

  • DCS
  • ESD

Control loops Ц 35 (including complex cascade loops)
I/O signals - 900

H-F automation system SIMATIC PCS7 was implemented in Russia for the first time. More detail...

The plant was put into operation in 2003.

Control & Information System Architecture

PowerPoint Presentation (1,16 ћб).

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