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The system was designed, manufactured, supplied and implemented in 2003 as part of a general purpose PENOPLEX polystyrene production plant located in Kirishi which is 150 km from Saint-Petersburg. With an annual capacity of 50000 tons the PENOPLEX facility is one of the largest polystyrene plants in the world.

The PENOPLEX facility produces ecologically pure materials for a vast range of products from insulating building materials (polystyrene boards) to plastic food containers.

Polystyrene granules are produced from styrene and ethylbenzene.

The process includes:

  • polymerization of styrene and chemical reagents under high temperature
  • granulation by drawing and cutting polymer melt threads
  • granule transportation
  • storage and packing.

Initial data for system design was prepared by TEC, Japan and SPIK SZMA, Russia. SPIK SZMA was selected by Siemens as a partner for the following engineering services: marshaling cabinets, documentation design and system configuration and programming.

The system manufacturing and FAT were implemented at the Siemens factory in Karsruhe, Germany.


  • quick and accurate field cable connection, since all field cable conductors are connected one by one onto one terminal block, including spare conductors;
  • quick connection of AS system modules to marshaling cabinets which have been factory verified and does not require verification in the field.

An example of a marshaling cabinet connection to field instruments and AS system modules

SIMBA software and PCI module were used to debug and validate the DCS and ESD programs. The same tools were then used to demonstrate the working applications to the customer during FAT.

To improve product quality which depends on the accuracy and stability of process parameters such as the temperature of materials and heat-exchangers in the reactors, redundant PID Control Loops were implemented using redundant AddFEM modules which provide bumbles transfer to the secondary control loop.

The first application of Add_FEM modules in Russia.

To provide additional functionality a dedicated first out alarm application was developed which divides alarms into three priority groups.

Operator panel and additional indicator panel and keys.

Polystyrene production is a complex and potentially explosive process which places very stringent requirements on the safety system. To meet safety standards such as IEC 61511, DIN V 19250, EN 954-1, etc. the ESD was based on Siemens Fail-Safe technology including a dedicated 417-H(F) controller, I/O F-modules and software application.

The PENOPLEX engineering staff quickly mastered the DCS & ESD systems as a result of using CFC (Continuous Function Chart) programming which represents control programs in an intuitive visual format.

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