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Compressors control system PC-305, PC-306 of the plant LC6U #1

Customer: Mozyr Oil Refinery (Belarus Republic)
Control system design: SPIK SZMA
Control system supplier: SIEMENS AG (Germany)

Automation objects:
Х 2 compressors of the plant LC6U #1

I/O signals:
- AI Ц 42, including from K-type thermocouples, resistance gauge Cu50;
- DI - 32;
- DO Ц 60.

Control system specification:
DCS based on SIMATIC PCS7 from SIEMENS AG (Germany),
Х PLC SIMATIC S7-400H based on CPU 417-4H redundant modules;
Х I/O system SIMATICЦDP based on ET200M stations with redundant I/O modules and IM153 to be connected to the redundant PROFIBUS-DP;
Х 2 OSM ITP62 for Industrial Ethernet;
Х 2 operator workstations based on SCADA WinCC within PCS7 set.

Scope of Work:
- Control and information system project design, including:
Х Panel design and documentation;
Х Wiring diagrams;
Х Software documentation;
- HMI programming
- Start-up and commissioning.

   Control & Information System Architecture

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