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Automated Control System of Heating Center #1

Customer: Kirishi Oil Refinery
General designer & control system designer: SPIK SZMA, St. Petersburg

Automation objects:
Heating Center #1: network pumps, feed pumps, condensate reservoirs, heat exchangers for industrial heating water, condensate fridges, deaerator;
Condensate station: centrifugal pumps, accumulator tanks, valves.

Control system specification:
DCS based on the Toshiba PLC, V2000 series. The control system includes sensors and indicators from EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT, VALCOM, VEGA, PANAMETRIC, WIKA and control valves from DVCD Masoneilan Russia.

a) Equipment and hardware status monitoring, including:
remote controlled gate valve position alarms;
shut-off valve position alarms;
pumps, fans drive motors alarms;
failure alarms of the input ventilation systems;
input voltage alarms of automated power backup switchboard;
automated power backup switches alarms;
batch ventilation system switch-off alarms in case of fire from the buttons located at the emergency exits;
condensate station pumps status alarms.
b) Modification of process variables, such as:
water, condensate and steam temperature;
tanks temperature;
ambient air temperature;
water, condensate and steam pressure;
water, condensate and steam consumption;
steam consumption at the deaerator;
tanks level;
column level;
deaerator level.
c) Audible and visual alarming, including:
increase/decrease of the condensate level in tanks;
increase of condensate level in tanks;
increase/decrease of the deaerator level;
decrease of the feedwater pressure in the pipeline at the pumps output;
increase/decrease of the tanks level;
increase/decrease of the column level.
d) Warning alarming on failures detected by process & equipment status diagnostic tools and system elements, self-diagnostic facilities, including:
power supply failures;
PLC failures;
no voltage at the UPS input;
low UPS voltage;
remote controlled gates jamming;
gate valve failure at fuel oil metering stations;
open & short-circuit of system busses, communication links from AI modules to sensors.
e) recording the pumps and fan drives run time.

Safety System Functionality:
automated shut-off valve opening at the upper limit value of the aerator level;
automated pump shutdown at the lower limit value of the aerator level;
automated pump shutdown at the lower limit value of feedwater pressure in pipeline at pumps output.

Control functionality:
automated control of heating water temperature;
automated control of reverse heating water pressure;
automated control of steam pressure at the deaerator input;
automated control of feedwater pressure in pipeline at pumps output;
automated control of the tanks level;
automated control of the column level;
automated control of the deaerator level;
automated deceleration to 20% speed of the pumps at the upper limit value of the deaerator level;
automated deceleration to 20% speed of the pumps at the lower limit value of any tanks level;
remote pump shutdown by the operator command;
remote valve gate controls by the operator command.

Project design phases: single phase engineering, including design of technical documentation, dataware, and software configuring.

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