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Automation Technology. V Series Integrated Controller.

The Integrated Controller V series is a hybrid control platform consists of seamless, scalable control modules which integrate such functions as sequence control (S), loop control (L), and computer processing (C) on single architecture, with a wide scalability from small systems to large systems. This controller is applicable to a variety of monitoring and control applications for industries and social infrastructures, including conventional process automation and factory automation domains, with its powerful and flexible capability.

Engineering tool for V series is based on IEC61131-3 control language, with enhancement such as instrument tags and CAD based program editor for process control application.

Toshiba_V Series Integrated Controller

Integrated functions
The sequence control module (S), loop control module (L), and computer module (C) may be used independently or in combinations as desired, and can also share information. This makes it possible to flexibly meet control needs for a single function, for example, sequence control and loop control are integrated with value-added information processing function on computer module on one platform, that no conventional controllers could offer.

Toshiba_V Series Integrated Controller

The product line consists of the large-size model 3000, small-size model 2000, and micro-size model 1000, usable by an integrated single architecture regardless of size.

Toshiba_V Series Integrated Controller

Integrated engineering
All V series models are supported by single engineering tool. The international standard language IEC61131-3 is employed as programming language and CAD-based program editor is available as option. e drastically improves the productivity of application software. Full-fledged computer functions.

Computer module, with its operating system WindowЃ XP or Linux, is available. It can access the I/O module data and the common memory shared with other controllers. The module can be used as a controller having functions equivalent to, or better than, those of the conventional computer.

Toshiba_V Series Integrated Controller

Variety of networks
Applicable to a variety of networks ranging from information LAN, control LAN and field network. In addition to Ethernet, Device Net and Profibus, token-passing based high-speed scan transmission called TC-net is available.

Duplex system configuration
Duplex configuration of controllers, I/O modules, and control LAN transmission lines is available for application in need of high system reliability.

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