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Kirishi Oil Refinery Oil-Slime Dehydration & Neutralization Plant

End client: Kirishi Oil Refinery
Customer: Design Institute LENGIPRONEFTECHIM (process design), Saint-Petersburg

Project description: Monitoring and control of dehydration and neutralization process of bio- and oil-slime

Control & Information System Redundant Toshiba V-2000 series PLCs, ToshibaТs Tosdic-CIE DS OIS-DS HMI and ABB ACS800 Variable Frequency Drives

  • I/O signals Ц 545


  • Continuous process control
  • HVAC control of process plant
  • Automated and remote equipment control
  • Alarming
  • Real-time and historical trending
  • Data historian
  • Data exchange with the shop control room

Scope of work:

  • Project Management
  • Control & Information System design
  • Loop drawings and termination schedules
  • Panel design
  • 380V 3O One Line Diagrams
  • Control system I/O
  • PLC & HMI programming
  • Operator & maintenance training
      Control & Information System Architecture .

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